We are specialist in Terrace Waterproofing

A home without efficient and advanced waterproofing can get damaged easily, and will cost more to repair later. So, spend a little extra on waterproofing solutions during  and after construction to save yourself the trouble and money later.

Applying a waterproofing coating over external terraces and parapets, it protect leakage from terrace. It prevents water from seeping into the structural slab that causes damage. Waterproofing these areas add to the strength and durability to the entire structure.


Modern Methods Of Waterproofing

Terraces were traditionally waterproofed with Brick Bat Coba, Mud Phuska Treatment, China Mosaic Treatment, sheet wrapping systems or bitumen-based coatings.

Today, advanced methods are also used to waterproof terraces. These include polymer-based liquid applied seamless membrane waterproofing coatings, preformed membrane-based coatings, chemical waterproofing treatment, etc.

Say bye to Terrace Leakage…

Waterproofing is protecting your terrace from damage caused by changes in the weather, along with damage caused by water seepage. It protects your terrace from UV rays, heat, rain, wind and cold/snow exposure, and provides it the resistance and durability to withstand these environmental changes.

Ensure your structure is waterproof to avoid issues such as high heat and blistering. Contact us for more information with regards to your specific terrace waterproofing needs!