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When designing a house, walls are not just boundaries, they act as a support, and a divide to enclose an area. Whether they are made of concrete, bricks or cement, they bear the biggest brunt of all – changing weather! The top of the sidewalls is attached to the roof and could face seepage due to water running off the roof. Sidewalls are also exposed to the force of heavy rains due to winds during the monsoons which highly impacts their structure. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to waterproof the sidewalls to avoid damage to them and in turn the structure.

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Exterior Wall Waterproofing

If the exterior walls are not waterproofed, the invading moisture can cause damp walls, which are excellent breeding grounds for mildew and mold. This damages the walls and leads to health problems for the occupants.

We have a solution that without breaking of plaster of external walls we can give a waterproofing solution by application of paint. We also use paint, polyurethanes, polysulfides and polymers of various companies for external wall waterproofing.

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Surface preparation and applying hydrophobic, breathable sealer treatment that impregnates deep inside the surface due to low surface tension and is resistant to the alkalinity of cement plastered surface. The treatment will bridge the hairline cracks and prevent ingress of moisture and capillary condensation on the surface and increase the life of the paint. It will also prevent the hairline cracks from becoming more visible due to accumulation of dirt and give better bonding to the paint. Impregnation with oligomeric alkyl alkoxy