Waterproofing of Water Tanks

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Our Water Tank Waterproofing service includes internal waterproofing for over head waterproofing tank and external wall waterproofing.In internal

waterproofing for tank, we cover internal and external structural membranes with a layer of quality cement mortar. This is carried out by a team of professionals, which follows streamline methodology that includes breaking RCC surface, curing and preparatory work such as hacking out loose concrete cover. In external wall waterproofing, we apply one coat of primer and two coat of elastomeric waterproofing coating on the prepared surface as per approved shade and color to avoid leakage of water.

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    Watertanks Waterproof

    The average lifespan of a concrete water tank is 10 to 15 years, during which the internal concrete walls must resist constant hydrostatic pressure of varying degrees, and may also come in contact with chlorine and other chemicals that soften their surface. The areas of concern are: cold joints, failing water stops, penetrations, shrinkage cracks and voids that cause leakage.

    Our crystalline technology acts as a strong barrier against the impact of constant chlorinated water pressure, while our epoxy-based system ensures water potability.

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    Water tank waterproofing coating is necessary as to protect water tanks or artificial ponds.A Water Tank or an artificial pond is constantly exposed to pressing water. They need also to withstand a constant battering from the elements and leaking is common after a few years. Aquatech waterproofing systems with long-term protection for simple, detailed or complicated Water Tank or Artificial Pond structures.